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Road to Progress

I am feeling really good right now. Patrick just sent me an angry, insulting email saying he wished he had never met me, but I feel really at peace. Things are amazing for me right now, and although I'm still worried about Patrick and want him to be happy, I don't feel like I need him in my life at all.

He DID make me think a bit, though... about my own behavior. Hopefully it will be a wake up call to help me start being a better person all around. His harsh words were intended to hurt, but hopefully they'll help.

My boss and I were walking from the corporate office to a boutique the other day, and he said "So this place sure makes you feel alive, huh?" Yeah. It sure does. :) I am right where I have wanted to be for years... give and take a few things lol, and it's because of my hard work. That feels good.

I <3 NY... and for the first time in a while, I <3 me, too.
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